Datagrid Wierdness

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Wed Jun 3 17:25:37 EDT 2015

Hi all. Have I got a stinker for you!

I am populating a data grid with an array using dgData. I am sorting on a column called assetid. I have a search object I created which essentially queries the database to find records where the value in the field matches any part of a list of columns I provide it in the script. 

Now when I sort the data grid on assetid, then query the database, assuming the prior records match the search criteria, the resulting array *DOES* contain all the records. So I know that the query correctly retrieved all the records that match the search criteria. I went through each element and verified that they do. 

However, when I set the dgData of the data grid to that array, *some* of the records do not display!!! Instead, there are empty rows at the bottom of the data grid, where I can scroll down but there is no data in the rows. Note they are not empty data grid records, the records or rows if you will, never get created, even though the data grid acts like there are more rows there. 

I know what you are saying, bad data in the data grid. But if I sort by *ANY OTHER COLUMN* the records *DO* appear!!! Now you will suggest I delete the data grid and create a new one. Did that. Same problem. Oh but wait, there’s more! 

If when I query the data I order by the assetid column, well the damnedest thing happens: ALL THE DATA DISPLAYS AGAIN!!!!!

This has *GOT* to be a bug in the data grid library. I would submit it, but the app is dependent on an SQL instance and logins, so I cannot easily create an example. I recall others seeing some kind of similar weirdness with data grids displaying data. If this sounds familiar, contact me and lets compare notes. 

Bob S

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