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Wed Jun 3 17:09:12 EDT 2015

Richmond wrote:

> Where is the Full IDE prototype . . . ?
> This is odd, as it states that a Full IDE Prototype depends on Widgets
> and Themes, which just is not true:
> an alternative IDE can be cobbled together right now - I mucked around
> with the revToolbar palette extensively way back
> with version 2.0 - RunRev started up peddling an alternative IDE to
> MetaCard.

It's true that each of us can imagine our own future IDE, and if we 
imagine one that can be built with the current engine then we could 
decide to spend our time askin why the team doesn't set aside the v7 
fixes we asked them to do yesterday to build this new imagined IDE today.

But you may recall a thread from about three weeks ago in which an 
earnest member of this list asked a similar question and included a 
screen shot of RunRev's mock-up, which prompted yours truly to reply 
with a note that the new UI will require things the engine simply 
doesn't have today:


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