AW: LiveCode 8 and a new video player?

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Jun 3 14:56:12 EDT 2015

On 03/06/15 20:49, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Richmond wrote:
> On 03/06/15 20:16, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
> >> I didn't knew that the cross platform player will be a widget.
> >> Interesting to know.
> >>
> > You don't "know" as Martin Koob writes "From my understanding",
> > which, logically does NOT state that "the" cross-platform player
> > for LiveCode 8 will be a widget. All he DOES state is that he
> > believes there will be a cross-platform player and that it will
> > be a widget.
> >
> > All you are doing is indulging in fuzzy thinking.
> Or just good memory.
> While the Roadmap is currently a bit disorganized and incomplete (many 
> changes going on with the Web site right now), previous editions of it 
> did include discussion of a rewrite of the multimedia playback 
> subsystem which is dependent on the Widgets architecture.
> Kevin and others from the company have mentioned this in various 
> venues from time to time as well.
> And as your Community Liaison, I can further offer that all 
> discussions on behalf of the community with relevant team members 
> reinforce Martin's reliable recollection of the plan.
> And since like myself you enjoy Linux, you may be pleased to hear of a 
> chance things might just get a little better before then:
> For the last several years there's been no reliable way to play video 
> or audio in Linux, and in v7 attempting to set the filename of a 
> player to any valid media file I've tested crashes or hangs (#14427).

Since 2001 at least; if that constitutes "the last several years" . . .

I tried to get some video going in Linux with some strange arrangement 
in about 2004 without any joy at all.
> As part of the team's effort to ensure this community can confidently 
> migrate their work to v7, Ben has solicited lists of critical 
> showstoppers from the community, and that issue was included on mine.
> At this time it's premature to suggest they'll be able to do as much 
> as honoring the startTime property for player objects, and details 
> like that may indeed have to wait for a more complete overhaul planned 
> for the post-Widgets engine.
> But in the meantime I'm hoping we can at least get basic playback 
> functioning, which may seem trivial to Mac users who've been enjoying 
> all the time the team has devoted for a wide range of multimedia 
> activities in LiveCode all the way down to very flexible audio and 
> video recording.  But for us Linux folk, even having just basic 
> playback will be a welcome step toward baseline feature parity.

We don't need anything 'fancy': merely simple PLAY, PAUSE, STOP for 
video in a player object.

AND, the most important thing is that one doesn't have to spend hours 
fiddling around for different platforms.


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