AW: LiveCode 8 and a new video player?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jun 3 13:49:28 EDT 2015

Richmond wrote:

On 03/06/15 20:16, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
 >> I didn't knew that the cross platform player will be a widget.
 >> Interesting to know.
 > You don't "know" as Martin Koob writes "From my understanding",
 > which, logically does NOT state that "the" cross-platform player
 > for LiveCode 8 will be a widget. All he DOES state is that he
 > believes there will be a cross-platform player and that it will
 > be a widget.
 > All you are doing is indulging in fuzzy thinking.

Or just good memory.

While the Roadmap is currently a bit disorganized and incomplete (many 
changes going on with the Web site right now), previous editions of it 
did include discussion of a rewrite of the multimedia playback subsystem 
which is dependent on the Widgets architecture.

Kevin and others from the company have mentioned this in various venues 
from time to time as well.

And as your Community Liaison, I can further offer that all discussions 
on behalf of the community with relevant team members reinforce Martin's 
reliable recollection of the plan.

And since like myself you enjoy Linux, you may be pleased to hear of a 
chance things might just get a little better before then:

For the last several years there's been no reliable way to play video or 
audio in Linux, and in v7 attempting to set the filename of a player to 
any valid media file I've tested crashes or hangs (#14427).

As part of the team's effort to ensure this community can confidently 
migrate their work to v7, Ben has solicited lists of critical 
showstoppers from the community, and that issue was included on mine.

At this time it's premature to suggest they'll be able to do as much as 
honoring the startTime property for player objects, and details like 
that may indeed have to wait for a more complete overhaul planned for 
the post-Widgets engine.

But in the meantime I'm hoping we can at least get basic playback 
functioning, which may seem trivial to Mac users who've been enjoying 
all the time the team has devoted for a wide range of multimedia 
activities in LiveCode all the way down to very flexible audio and video 
recording.  But for us Linux folk, even having just basic playback will 
be a welcome step toward baseline feature parity.

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  LiveCode Community Manager
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