How do you handle the poor performance of LC 7?

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Mon Jun 1 05:52:02 EDT 2015

On 2015-06-01 11:06, Dave Kilroy wrote:
> In fact I'm also thinking of using LC8 full-time. LCB looks good and I 
> 'get'
> that it will be used to leap-frog some of LC's current woes - but I 
> simply
> haven't had time to play with it yet and think the only time I'll learn 
> is
> if I'm using it day-in-day-out. I'm thinking v8 is basically v7 with 
> LCB and
> widgets added and if this is so then I think I'll make the jump. 
> Trevor,
> Richard do you have any views on this?

Hi Dave,

You're correct -- LiveCode 8 is indeed LiveCode 7 with widgets and a 
revamped IDE.

I do hope that you can make the switch to using LiveCode 8.  LCB and 
widgets are especially fun to play with, and in particular widgets make 
it much easier to teach and demonstrate how good LiveCode is for rapid 
app development.  It feels much more fun and productive to design apps 
when you don't have to spend half an hour fiddling individual graphics 
objects into place to create your user interface!


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