AW: AW: How do you handle the poor performance of LC 7?

Dave Kilroy dave at
Mon Jun 1 05:06:16 EDT 2015

Similar to Alex I too have been using v7 for everything I do (except for a
couple of projects) since about 7.0.3 - and in general have been doing so
without problems.

I say 'in general' because v7 seems to be more fragile than earlier versions
because sometimes when I hit an error in my code the IDE becomes sluggish
afterwards (when this happens I quit and restart LiveCode and everything is
fine) - but apart from that I can't remember the last time the IDE
crashed/froze on me. It starts very quick on my systems (Yosemite & Win7) -
but not quite as quick as older versions...

However I have seen other people using v7 experiencing slow-startup and
fairly regular freezes/crashes (for example I was doing a LC workshop at the
weekend and two people running windows experienced freezes/crashes every 30
minutes or so - but both did successfully create an app and got everything
to work). But other times I've seen it work fine on people's systems...

In fact I'm also thinking of using LC8 full-time. LCB looks good and I 'get'
that it will be used to leap-frog some of LC's current woes - but I simply
haven't had time to play with it yet and think the only time I'll learn is
if I'm using it day-in-day-out. I'm thinking v8 is basically v7 with LCB and
widgets added and if this is so then I think I'll make the jump. Trevor,
Richard do you have any views on this?

Richard Gaskin wrote
> Alex Tweedly wrote:
>> I too have used only v7 for everything I've done recently for myself (no
>> released products - just stuff I do for myself and friends/family). I've
>> been still using v6 when I don't control it all myself.
>> I'm happy to say I've had no crashes, no serious IDE problems and few
>> performance issues (which were all already reported or known).
> Good to hear.  At least Trevor and I aren't alone.

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