Player Object in HTML 5?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Dec 19 14:28:10 EST 2015

Simon wrote:

 > Peter TB Brett wrote
 >> Yes, you can already deploy a commercial HTML5 standalone from Indy
 >> or Business edition, if you have the HTML5 deployment entitlement
 >> added on to your license.
 > Ahhh shoot!
 > How did I miss that?  $2K a year.
 > While I'm not very bothered by HTML5 and LiveCode Indy/Business as I
 > can use the Community version, I am surprised that I hadn't seen that
 > it was coming out as an add-on.

The word "HTML" yields 0 hits on the Pricing page:

Where can one find the pricing of the HTML5 deployment entitlement?

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