Stacks Losing their Size and Location

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Dec 16 15:13:10 EST 2015

You might want to check with a more recent version to confirm since 7.0.5
is several versions old (the LC guys announced 7.1.1 today).


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>I've been wrestling with this in 7.0.5 for a while.  Here it is
>distilled and the simplest way to repeat it:
>on mouseUp
>    answer the rect of this stack
>    set the decorations of this stack to empty
>    answer the rect of this stack                             -- we're
>fine here (same rect)
>    set the decorations of this stack to default         -- we're
>suddenly all over the place
>    answer the rect of this stack
>-- totally different rect and dimmensions
>end mouseUp
>Setting the decorations to default not only changes the location of the
>stack, it also changes the stack's width and height to some new random
>As I mentioned, this is the "distilled" version.  This also happens when
>downloading a stack from a remote server.  Simply opening it changes the
>width and/or height.
>An additional issue is I'm also unable to return the stack's width,
>height or location after this random resizing occurs unless I send
>commands later or in an idle handler which calls them after everything
>has settled back down.
>Does anybody know if this is a reported bug?
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