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Tue Dec 15 19:25:55 EST 2015

I just put gif into a mobile today. I imported it as control. I wanted the
user to see some motion while the app initializes. It is just a spinning
ball(7kb). I loads quick and resizes nicely but motion is jerky. Is there
any way to yield more time to the engine so it spins smoothly? I do local
database and network http requests to/from my LC server scripts. The latter
may be blocking I fear.

I also have to set it's visible to false on Android when leaving the spin
ball card because the gif appears on the next card spinning quite nicely.
You also see the background of the previous card thru the transparency of
the objects bounding box (ball is round control is a rectangle) It's not on
the next card. I have to put a QCC report in on this one.

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On 12/15/2015 12:54 PM, Ben Rubinstein wrote:
> Loading the GIF from an external file might be better but I couldn't 
> make this work on mobile - should it be possible? Do I want a relative 
> path or an absolute one?

I've never had to do it with a gif, but I'd think the process would be the
same as any other image file. In the stack script:

put specialFolderPath("Resources") & slash & <filename.gif> into tPath set
the filename of img x to tPath

Put the gif file into the same folder with your stack so it will work on the
desktop as well as on mobile. SpecialFolderPath("Resources") points to the
current stack folder on desktop. In a standalone, it points to a Resources
folder that the standalone builder creates automatically for copied files.

In standalone settings -> copy files pane, add the gif file.

See if that works.

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