tracking down freeze based on timing, maybe?

Matt Maier blueback09 at
Sun Dec 13 12:23:25 EST 2015

I can make my program freeze if I click the trackpad button really fast.

If I click the button down, then wait, then up, it doesn't freeze. I used a
log to find out all of the handlers it got through before it froze. Most of
the time it logs through all of the related handlers and then freezes up
after they're all done, but every now and then it stops logging in the
middle of a handler.

So I suspect that whatever's causing the freeze might be something
happening either in parallel with my handlers, or something my handlers
leave behind that eventually (after they end) builds up until it causes a

The sequence is basically:
some mouse message
- handler 1
-- handler 2
- handler 1
end mouse message

Any suggestions for tracking down what's causing the freeze? It's not
happening inside of the handlers I wrote. Instead it's happening after all
of my handlers are finished, and then only if I click the button as fast as
possible instead of slowly down-up.

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