7.0.0 dp 5

Warren Samples warren at warrensweb.us
Mon May 26 03:04:26 EDT 2014

On 05/26/2014 12:53 AM, Mark Wieder wrote:
> That's what I thought. This urban legend has been batted around
> lately.

Um, what is it you thought? I didn't say "I once heard somebody say 
their friend's uncle told them about a neighbor..." urban legend style. 
It was my own (recent) observation. I noticed a release announcement on 
one list but not the other. It's not impossible that I missed it, but I 
did look for it at the time. If I missed it, I will not have been the 
only one who has overlooked an announcement for one reason or another.

In any event, depending on these lists to prevent people from 
downloading publicly available software "until it's time" is wildly 
irresponsible and scolding or mocking someone for downloading such 
software is ridiculous. People regularly overlook or miss announcements 
and others might not be downloading immediately from the announcements 
but prefer to go to the download directory at some other convenient 
time. I'm pretty sure there is also hope that curious people are finding 
and downloading LiveCode with the expectation that they'll join these 
lists sometime after rather than vice versa. While it's possible to say 
many of us should know better, there are groups of people who can't and 
others for whom it may not be convenient.

The system is not in any way reliable, nor particularly defensible given 
there are any number of reasons why someone may encounter one of these 
not-ready-for-release releases.


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