Coda 2 code formatting

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu May 22 15:59:51 EDT 2014

Yeah, I'm using that.

I haven't changed anything for a couple of years - so I don't really 
remember what I did back then.
I kind of thought I was using an editor plugin that I got from you :-)

The editor is OK - it gets some things wrong or just 'missing' for LC, 
but gets most coloring and most indenting/control structures done OK. I 
think it fails to colour "else" (or elseif" ??), and has an annoying 
insistence on using its idea of default completion (e.g. 'CR' followed 
by space is auto-completed to 'create', etc.)

Can I send you a copy of any files or anything ?

-- Alex.

On 22/05/2014 18:24, stephen barncard wrote:
> Is someone out there currently using Coda 2 for livecode server work?
> I love the editor but the plugins that enable Livecode code highlighting
> seems to be broken with the 2.x improvements. It just won't recognize rev
> coding, or iRev documents either.
> But the editor, while working on PHP and other documents, is awesome and am
> just starting to get into their kind of workflow.
> I know there was a new Livecode plugin offered for it by "The Core" on
> the forum
> back in 2012<>,
> a 1.1 version, and appears to be the 'newest' version around. I have an
> email in to Core but I am no sure he's been on the forum lately.
> Was there some kind of extra thing that needs to happen besides dropping
> the plugin into the app?
> Coda used to use the SubEthaEdit text engine, but checking their site
> showed no change in format, so I guess Panic just redesigned the whole text
> engine for 2.0
> It's a great editor and I want to use it!
> *--*
> *Stephen Barncard - San Francisco Ca. USA - Deeds Not Words*
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