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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri May 16 20:06:24 EDT 2014

Dar Scott wrote:

 > So what is the right way to make the screen update?  At one time we
 > could use ‘unlock screen’ but that doesn’t seem to work any more.
 > Or am I remembering wrong?

IIRC each "unlock screen" is paired with a "lock screen" so calling both 
should work, or using "go this card".

But that's for static screens.  In a loop that'll cause all controls to 
re-render, which is probably more overhead than you want.

So within a loop, until the Cocoa build (6.7) is released we still have 
to add "wait 0 with messages" to get updated controls to render properly 
on OS X.

 > And about the compiler…  I file a lot of bug reports but reporting
 > every time the compiler does not complain about bad syntax seems
 > excessive to me.

That's a good question.

A while back I had a circumstance in which a string that had only 
leading quotes but no closing quotes compiled without issue, and since 
it was in a complex set of concatenations it took me a while to pin down 
why it wasn't working.  I filed a report on it, and they fixed it a few 
hours later.

I rarely notice things it doesn't catch unless they cost me time, so I 
just ran a test expecting this to fail:

    wait "Several Minutes" without messages

...yet it compiled without complaint.

Offhand that would seem something the compiler should catch, since 
"wait" only works if the time is specified as an integer.  But maybe I'm 
wrong:  is there a way to use a string literal with the "wait" command?

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