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Mon May 19 13:03:01 EDT 2014

And I might as well post an answer to Dar's question here as well:

Firstly, this thread shows how far I got:

And I gave up both because I had to get back to some 'real' work (I didn't
charge the client for my work), I had already spent about 8 hours
experimenting and the next route of enquiry I could see would mean taking a
completely different approach.

What I found tricky was how little control I had over a field and how
differently a field seemed to react depending on the OS as well as
differences between Mountain Lion, Mavericks etc. And what might work in a
relatively narrow field would fall over in a wide one

My next two lines of enquiry would have been:

Manually controlling the rect of each word to simulate justification - or if
that didn't work or was too unreliable in different OS's or came with a
too-high performance hit I might have tried...

Create a group of fields for each 'row' of text (maybe two or three fields
per 'row'?), set different alignments for each field to get a nice neat left
and right margin and perhaps use some of the faux justification techniques
I'd already got working for word spacing in between the left and right

But basically I ran out of time on a tricky topic - maybe I would have
licked it or maybe not - and maybe LC 7 will come in with full justification

Either way, my client is willing to invest some cash for coders who are

Kind regards


"Some are born coders, some achieve coding, and some have coding thrust upon them." - William Shakespeare & Hugh Senior

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