Nice news for builders of financial apps

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon May 19 10:25:26 EDT 2014

Check this out - looks like independent column alignment via a tabAlign 
property is coming in v7:

At long last we'll be able to use the native field object for things like:

Name           |     Salary| Title
Richard Gaskin |    $44,000| Ambassador
Mark Wieder    | $1,280,000| Software Genius
Kevin Miller   | $5,340,000| Coding Liberator

This is especially useful for financial apps, since of course users are 
accustomed to seeing financial figures right-aligned while textual data 
is commonly left-aligned.

But there are many other uses as well, since statistics and most other 
numeric data are commonly right-aligned.

I can't describe my glee!

I know what I'll be testing during the LiveCode Global Jam....

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