paid contract work - full text justification

Dave Kilroy dave at
Mon May 19 09:24:50 EDT 2014

Dear all

A while ago I tried to create full text justification within LiveCode (that
is, having a block of text in a field with text aligned to the left and the
right margins) - I got it working 'kind-of' but not really properly - and
then I ran out of time.

One of my clients wants text in his app appearing fully justified and I have
my hands full coding the rest of the app in time for launch - so he and I
are interested in getting someone else to work on this (nicely separate)
piece of code.

If any of you are  interested please get in touch directly.

Kind regards


"Some are born coders, some achieve coding, and some have coding thrust upon them." - William Shakespeare & Hugh Senior

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