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Mon May 19 00:40:50 EDT 2014

On 5/18/14, 2:00 PM, Richmond wrote:
> When I do that I get lines drawn on an imported image and NOT as a set
> of graphic objects on the card.
>> on mouseUp
>>     set the tool to pencil
>>     drag from 10,10 to 200,250
>> end mouseUp
> This stinks.
> If one has a stack with several images as controls on it it then becomes
> impossible todraw objects.

Graphic objects must be created with the graphic tools; the pencil is a 
paint tool. If you click in an existing image with a paint tool, it adds 
to that image. That's the only way to allow painting with several 
different tools in the same image.

If you do want each line to be its own image, then create a new image 
first before drawing in it. The new image will be in the top layer and 
will receive the focus. You may want to set the rect of the new image to 
something smaller than the whole card, which is the default.

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