Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun May 18 09:15:03 EDT 2014

On 18/05/14 15:47, Nakia Brewer wrote:
> I am after the move transition.
> Touch more aesthetically pleasing...

"If the lockMoves property is set to true, when you use the move command 
to move an object around the screen, the movement does not become 
visible until the lockMoves is set to false. You can set the lockMoves 
property to true, start several objects moving, then set the lockMoves 
to false to begin the motion,"

Having set lockMoves to true

telling the objects to move

one has to set lockMoves to false to see them move.


However; this is pretty useless:

I made an 800 x 600 stack with 2 images:

"COW1" and "COW2" at 75,75 and 725,575 respectively

and a script in a button:

on mouseUp
    if the loc of img "COW1" is 75,75 then
    set the lockMoves to true
    move img "COW1" to 725, 525
    move img "COW2" to 75,75
    set the lockMoves to false
    set the lockMoves to true
    move img "COW1" to 75,75
    move img "COW2" to 725,525
    set the lockMoves to false
    end if
    end mouseUp

and the whole thing is utter rubbish:

1. The whole process is very slow indeed.

2. Nothing is seen to move: first COW1 vanishes, then COW2 hops to the 
new position,
and then COW1 appears in the new position.

SO . . . obviously, one has to do it some other way.

This is the sort of moment when I metaphorically roar "Jacqueline 
Landman Gay",

mainly because I have some sort of half-gone memory of her having solved 
this problem


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