Variable Named Variable Values?

Rick Harrison harrison at
Fri May 16 14:32:38 EDT 2014

Hi there,

Ok, so here’s the question.  I’m sure someone has probably
done this before.  I can’t seem to find the answer, so perhaps
you can help.

I have a bunch of variable named pair values read in from a file.
(I do not know the order these values will be coming into from
the file as they can vary over time.)

The format is:

(Variable Name1)=(Variable Value1)
(Variable Name2)=(Variable Value2)
(Variable Name3)=(Variable Value3)

Example Data would be:

VarUserName = “John”
VarUserEmail = “John at”

I’m able to retrieve the name of the variable and the value of the variable into variables.

How do I now assign the values to the original Variable Name by referring to the correct variable name read in?

This is some kind of a double reference possibly referring to contents or the value of a variable, it may involve arrays etc.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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