IDE oddities (was Re: Error Messages Are Evil)

Charles E Buchwald charles at
Fri May 16 13:14:38 EDT 2014

I don't use the Menu Builder much, but I use the Geometry Manager on a regular basis, and I've found it to be reliable.
I only wish I could use it on mobile. Because I can't, I've written a lot of my own geometry management scripts.
In general, the better feature parity we have across all platforms, the better. Not just to be friendlier to newbies, but for everyone.
- Charles

On 16 May 2014, at 11:30 AM, Devin Asay <devin_asay at> wrote:

> Wow, I had no idea some folks were having problems like this with the Menu Builder. I have always found it solid and reliable. (My experience with the Geo Manager, however, has been similar to yours.)

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