Animation Engine: animating points in a polygon?

Monk in Exile david.bovill at
Fri May 16 08:43:32 EDT 2014

Thanks Al - I tried the the SVGL "tiger" stack - which used to work a
treat, but not having joy with it at the moment. Do you have a stack with a
collection of handlers that I could add to?

On 14 May 2014 02:01, Alejandro Tejada <capellan2000 at> wrote:

> Hi David,
> To animate a polygon graphic,
> change the points of the polygon
> using the command:
> set the points of graphic myAnimation to the cpFrame01 of graphic
> myAnimation
> wait 1 second
> set the points of graphic myAnimation to the cpFrame02 of graphic
> myAnimation
> etc, etc, etc
> Notice that if your polygon graphics use many curved segments,
> you could calculate the points of the curve on the fly
> using any of the handlers posted in this mail list
> by Jim Hurley, Ian Macphail and myself.
> Al

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