Animation Engine: animating points in a polygon?

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Fri May 16 08:18:10 EDT 2014

Thanks Malte, I think this sort of point animation routine will only become
more important as we move over to being closer friends with SVG.

I'd like start a collection of open source geometry handlers related to
LiveCode, but want to avoid putting work in which will be redundant when we
have the new graphics object. Any discussion / links that we can look at to
give an idea of which elements of the Skia library are going to be exposed,
and if there will be sny syntax compatability with the old graphics

 Additional control or extra?

On Wednesday, 14 May 2014, Malte Brill <revolution at> wrote:

> Hey David,
> the easing functions are your friend here. I am currently travelling,
> however I will make sure that I set up a little demo as soon as I am back.
> To get you started, looking at aeEaseInOut
> put aeEaseInOut(100,200,2000,500,2)
> where 100 would be the x coordinate of the point at start of the
> animation,200 the desired end coordinate, 2000 the duration of the
> animation in millisecs, 500 the elapsed time in millisecs and 2 a parameter
> the formula needs to determine how "strong" the easing effect is taken into
> account. the result is a single value (112.5 in this case), so that would
> be where the x coordinate of the point would need to be after 500 millisecs
> have passed. This may sound a tad bit confusing now, however as soon as I
> am back home I will set up a demo stack (and maybe add something to AE that
> handles pointlist transformation over time ;-) )
> Best,
> Malte
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