IDE oddities (was Re: Error Messages Are Evil)

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu May 15 19:32:13 EDT 2014

On 5/15/14, 10:35 AM, Devin Asay wrote:
> The "locked" of the properties palette for each object is separate and
> persistent.

 From what I can see, cards and stacks selected from the app browser 
will open a locked inspector (anything in the left-hand pane.) Objects 
on a card (anything in the right-hand pane) will open an unlocked inspector.

Anything selected from within the stack itself (by clicking or using the 
contextual menu) opens an unlocked inspector.

The behavior might be different in the new project browser. I'm not 
using it much because it's too slow and unwieldy for the large stacks in 
my current job.

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