IDE oddities (was Re: Error Messages Are Evil)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu May 15 18:25:04 EDT 2014

Mike Kerner wrote:

> This is similar to a discussion I had earlier this week about fixing the
> issues I found in DataGrid.

I think I missed something.  Did you submit fixes with those?  If you 
did, please add a "FIX:" prefix to the report titled so they can be flagged.

> However, what do we do about OnRev, especially if we are going to work on
> it as a group of sorts?

On-Rev the hosting service, or RevOnline the stack sharing tool?

If the former, the LiveCode Server engine is already open source in 
GitHub, and the real-time debugger is being reviewed for possible open 
source as I noted in the post you replied to.

In that post I also outlined some specific next steps for RevOnline, but 
one of the problems with writing long posts is details get lost. ;)

I'll cover that some more in my reply to Charles shortly, but in brief 
let's start with the things we know we want to do:

The biggest complaint with RevOnline right now is that some folks report 
it doesn't work for them.  Let's fix that.

In the course of addressing the these immediate short-term goals, we'll 
discover what works and doesn't work with the process and refine it as 
we go.

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