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Wed May 14 21:32:01 EDT 2014

Igor de Oliveira Couto wrote:

 > I released the code quite specifically in the public domain - there
 > is an accompanying 'License' declaration, with a disclaimer.

Thanks for that, and for sharing the code.  Very valuable for all of us.

 > Apart from believing that providing an explicit license is important,
 > I also believe that people should provide credit when they are
 > "standing on the shoulders of giants". I also acknowledge explicitly
 > that the code is based on ideas and concepts of others that came
 > before me (mentioning them by name), and also suggest that there may
 > be other current libs available that may be faster, more efficient,
 > or better suited to your project - and refer people to check these
 > out.

Amen to that, brother.  You're a perfect of example of how communities 
can make good stuff happen.

 > With the advent of 7.0, I think that quite a bit of that code will
 > have to be changed - because of the new unicode handling capabilities
 > of LC - so it will be up for a review at some stage in the near
 > future. It would be nice if anyone wanted to contribute a little time
 > to upgrade the code to LC7.0 for me...

Let's hope so.  The community is growing, and with it some will 
inevitably find their way to worthy projects like yours.

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