Finding stacks on Mobile

Michael Doub mikedoub at
Sun May 11 15:20:02 EDT 2014

Can anyone clue me in on the proper use of library stacks in the mobile environment?   I thought I understood it, but i guess not.

I started putting my library code in substacks and I quickly realized that that causes name conflicts when in the IDE when trying to re-use the stacks and it kind of defeated the purpose of library stacks.   However, when I made a mobile app,  the startusing worked just fine, no problem finding the stacks.

Then I starting adding stacks in the standalone builder stacks tab.   I thought that must have been the bit of information I was missing.   I have been happily working in the IDE,  start using  and go to works as expected.   I thought that I would have smooth sailing going to mobile.   Well, I just started to test on an android device and to my surprise my main stack is unable to find any other stack.   Neither start using or go to stack is finding the other main stacks.  

What am I missing?  Do I need some other initialization for the engine to find these stacks?

 if "libjson" is not among the lines of the stacksinuse then 
      start using "libjson"
   end if

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