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Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Sat May 10 19:50:48 EDT 2014

On 10/05/2014 16:07, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> How this applies to what we currently call "RevOnline" is something 
> we'll have to figure out, but I think it's very encouraging that just 
> is in this one thread we have several people willing to help.
> I'll make that the focus of my next meeting with them this coming 
> Thursday, so we can learn more about their current plans for the 
> system and how they can incorporate community contributions so that 
> everyone gets what they want.
> In the meantime, I would encourage this discussion to continue here as 
> a very valuable foundation of brainstorming which can be very helpful 
> in informing what the system ultimately becomes.
I've expressed opinions in the past about how RevOnline should change; 
those are probably out of date by now - I gave up and haven't even 
looked at it for years. But if there's an effort being put together, I'd 
certainly be interested in helping in some way.

The other area I'm even more interested in is RunRev's other major 
"orphan" - the on-rev client, and LCServer live debugger. That was a 
great idea - and the debugger still has the potential to be a unique 
advantage for LC server; unfortunately, the original on-rev client was 
only a minimal implementation, and has been abandoned. And the other 
"mistake" (IMHO) was to keep this debugging as a feature that was 
"unique to on-rev" rather than "unique to LC server".

But I'm hopeful this project will eventually become open-sourced also, 
and it will be possible to debug server scripts without feeling like 
I've gone back to my undergrad days (i.e. the 1970's :-) , debugging 
with print statements.

So if you have 2 minutes to spare on Thursday - could you please ask Ben 
about the likelihood / schedule of open-sourcing that part too ?

-- Alex.

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