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Great Richard!

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Op 10-mei-2014, om 16:12 heeft Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> het volgende geschreven:

> As promised, thanks to Heather's work in helping me sort out some PHPBB permissions issues, we now have a forum for Documentation in the Open Source section of the forums:
> <>
> One way I see this as becoming a productive working group is for proposals for documentation enhancement to be explored in the section there labeled "Brainstorms", and when they become refined to the point of being actionable they get elevated to the "Projects" list below it.
> Ideally each project would have a team of people in a position to carry it through, perhaps with a team leader to facilitate whatever coordination may be needed among team members and the relevant RunRev staff.
> As your Community Manager, I'm at your disposal to help remove any obstacles you may encounter along the way which impair successful completion of Documentation projects.  If resources to complete a project, whether code or human, are needed from the core dev team at RunRev, please let me know so I can be sure to discuss that with the team at first opportunity.
> --
>  Richard Gaskin
>  LiveCode Community Manager
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> The other day I wrote:
>> The core team at RunRev has been working on a rewrite of the User Guide
>> for a future version, where the scope of changes in the engine will very
>> much require it.
>> But in the meantime there's been much discussion in my meetings with
>> them about the possibility of an interim update, which will be needed at
>> least through the remainder of the v6.x series and possibly into v7.
>> I recently created a new section in the Forums for "Documentation" -
>> it's not yet active (Heather and I are sorting out a PHPBB issue), but
>> the goal there is to see if our community is at the place yet that all
>> good open source projects eventually arrive, where we're big enough to
>> have a Documentation Team among community members.
>> The folks at RunRev have been anticipating that, and have included Docs
>> in their outline for community contributors:
>> <>
>> To get started we'd need only about three to five people, with one of
>> them willing to be the team leader.
>> If anyone here is interested in participating please drop me a note and
>> we'll get that discussion going just as soon as Heather and I can put
>> the new Documentation forum online.
>> --
>>  Richard Gaskin
>>  LiveCode Community Manager
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