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Mon May 5 19:07:19 EDT 2014

I may be wrong, but a ways back I think there was some addition to LC
related to color profile support.  Maybe some of the images you're using
have color profiles associated with them, while others don't, and maybe LC
is interpreting (or trying to interpret) those.  But usually images
displaying darker than usual is the result of the PNG format.

I'm a broken record when it comes to PNGs. . .  Tried to find some way to
reliably strip out gamma info over the years, lots of tools, lots of
settings, etc, nothing works reliably.  In my experience, JPEGs are pretty
reliable in terms of displaying properly in LC, but then again I never use
color profiles.

Assuming you've already tried setting the screenGamma to 2.2 on Mac, and
leaving it alone on Windows?


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On 5/5/14 3:53 PM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

>On 5/5/14, 5:39 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:
>> On my Mac system, the PNG image at the top appears darker than the JPEG
>> below.  When the slider is adjusted, only the top image is affected (LC
>> 6.6.1, OSX 10.8.5)
>> Are you seeing something different?
>Well, I was screensharing when I saw it. I told the client how to set
>the gamma from the message box and we both saw it change. Now neither of
>us can do it. Maybe the card we were looking at happened to have a png
>on it instead of a jpg; the stacks have hundreds of imported images so
>it's possible they aren't all the same.
>So if the gamma isn't the problem, do you know why the images would look
>different on different platforms, and between stacks and standalones?
>Here's what the client said:
>"right now, you can't see any background at all on Windows; when you
>make it so that it can be seen on Windows, it's way too dark on Mac"
>I think the change she's talking about is when we were setting the
>screengamma. If not, then I'm not sure what she did to "make it so it
>can be seen." I'll find out, but if you have any ideas I'd love to hear
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