LC, Android & video control

Mark Wilcox m_p_wilcox at
Thu May 1 09:29:53 EDT 2014

I'm not aware of any external that gives you low-level video access on Android.

I think it would be possible to create such an external but - Android externals are a rather new feature, Monte did a lot of the work to enable them (I'm not sure if anyone else has built one yet?) and lower level video control / editing only appeared in Android version 4.0. To support anything earlier than that you'd have to do it all on the CPU with the Android FFmpeg port rather than the hardware video decoders.

Guaranteeing it would work across a very wide range of Android devices would be tough due to the hardware fragmentation. Some new Android devices don't have the stock Movie Studio app included - makes me suspicious. Probably OK on anything with a Qualcomm chip though.

RunRev are supposed to be doing an overhaul of multimedia as part of the Kickstarter goals... not sure what's in the requirements for that.

On Thursday, 1 May 2014, 12:11, Richard Miller <wow at> wrote:
Is it possible to have frame-by-frame video control through LC on an 
Android phone? As well, to be able to jump to any point in a video?

Richard Miller

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