"Introducing New LiveCode Licenses"

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Oct 29 10:05:28 EDT 2013

Mike Kerner wrote:

 > So get someone with a commercial license to compile and distribute
 > for you...

It would be too easy for RunRev to find themselves in a position where 
they sell exactly one license, to some enterprising soul who sets up 
shop as a "build farm" making proprietary standalones for people who use 
only the GPL-governed version.

To remain viable, RunRev has included clause 5b in the Commercial 
License Agreement:


     a) The clauses in this section are intended to prevent you from
     using the Licensed Edition to release Created Software or engage
     in activity using the Licensed Edition, that is directly damaging
     to our business. Such damage may result from any activity that
     reduces, or negates, the requirement for other users of any edition
     of LiveCode, including the Community Edition, to purchase a Licensed
     Edition in order to enjoy the same benefits that you enjoy under
     this agreement.

     b) The ability to create and distribute Created Software is intended
     for You to use with applications You have created or been
     substantially involved in developing. You are prohibited from using
     the Licensed Edition to build standalone applications for others
     where You are not the author of the application, or confer on others
     the ability to build standalone applications by any means
     whatsoever. For the avoidance of doubt, You may not use the Licensed
     Edition to create or distribute Created Software for other users who
     are using the Community Edition of LiveCode. This clause is intended
     to prevent You from providing any facility or service which would
     reduce or eliminate the requirement for other LiveCode users,
     including users of the Community Edition, to purchase a Licensed
     Edition to distribute their own Created Software.

Personally I think that's a very fair balance, still allowing 
contractors who are "substantially involved in developing" an app for 
their clients who may not have a Commercial License of their own (though 
almost all of mine do), while closing the loophole which would allow the 
sort of "build farms" that would become the end of RunRev as a viable 
company, thereby damaging every business who relies on RunRev, including 
mine and my clients and a few thousand others.

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