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Hi Alejandro,

> Hi All,
> Gregory Lypny wrote
>> I guess all I have to do is replace the 5.0.2 file with the 6.1.0 file and
>> restart.
> Just for curiosity,
> Does exists an online demo (using a stack or a webpage)
> of all the capabilities of the LiveCode Server?

Not AFAIK but with imagination and n-tier architecture & tech skills, its power ranks to its advantage any other IP app's servers we can find around. To be more precise :

LC-Server + Revigniter matches directly solutions alike CodeIgniter + PHP5, Ruby on Rails or Tomcat + friends ; with advanced n-tier architecture & tech skills, we can use it to as a perfect replacement solution to WebShere or WebObjects powered big projects.

> How does LiveCode Server stands in the benchmarks
> for Server software?

Very stable and reliable : little RAM footprint (around 2Mo peer request while, in the mean time, most of the PHP5 powered solutions needs at least 20 (Magento) to 50 Mo (Drupal Commerce) peer request ; incredible less amount of code peer app --> very economic in about processor's cycle use. As an example, a complete e-commerce framework matching Magento (375 000 lines of PHP + JQuery) or Prestashop (77 000 lines of PHP + JQuery) should be completed soon in less than 20 000 LC + 2000 lines of JQuery source code (currently directly working on this).

> How does it perform under security tests?

It just depends from the developer's skills (n-tier architecture and security rules ; all the main security options technically available under the PHP or RoR platforms are available to LC-server too. About the Java side, it fits more closely the Apache Fundation/Google Android's Java model than the Oracle's ones witch is, for the most, totally insecure and not trustable…

Last note : the application's server is not all. LC server is, to be precise, 10 times faster than Apache is --> in practice, Apache will never be able to handle more than 300-400 connexions peer second while LC-Server + PostgreSQL powered solution are able to outputs teen time more. The most we can expect to use LC-Server powered apps at their best level is :

simple : never use MySQL as the SQL back-office because it's architecture makes it a very slow SQL engine (very bad complexity in time calculations ability); use any ACID SQL compliant server instead (PostgreSQL, Valentina,…).

to explore : replacement of Apache by more advanced httpd engines.



> Thanks in advance!
> Al
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