After mobilePick, script may or may not continue.

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Wed Oct 16 14:05:53 EDT 2013

I demonstrated a variation of this bug to Ian at RR 13. Ian was looking into
it. If you notice that the next user action(only the next one) will be
ignored because the pick list is actually active just not visible. 

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 The script below always fires the first pick list.  What seems strange to
me is that after making this choice, the next pick list may or may not ever
happen.  Why?  Is is a bug, or should I be doing something differently here?
Thanks in advance.

on touchEnd pid
   put "PRIMARY" & cr \
         & "SECONDARY" & cr \
         & "THIRD" & cr into tList0
   put lineoffset("SECONDARY", tList0) into tInitialIndex0
   mobilePick tList0, tInitialIndex0

   put the result into tChoice1 -- returns 1, 2 or 3

   switch tChoice1
   case 1
   put "X1" & cr \
         & "X2" & cr \
         & "X3" & cr \
         & "X4" & cr into tList1
   put lineoffset("X2", tList1) into tInitialIndex1
   mobilePick tList1, tInitialIndex1

   case 2
   put "Y1" & cr \
         & "Y2" & cr \
         & "Y3" & cr \
         & "Y4" & cr into tList2
   put lineoffset("Y2", tList2) into tInitialIndex2
   mobilePick tList2, tInitialIndex2

   case 3
   put "Z1" & cr \
         & "Z2" & cr \
         & "Z3" & cr \
         & "Z4" & cr into tList3
   put lineoffset("Z2", tList4) into tInitialIndex3
   mobilePick tList3, tInitialIndex3
   end switch
   put the result into tChoice2 -- returns 1, 2, 3 or 4

   answer tChoice1 && tChoice2
end touchEnd

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