"Be This Guy"

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 03:16:00 EDT 2013

On 10/13/2013 04:17 AM, Mike Kerner wrote:
> Anybody CAN learn how to program with many languages (BASIC is another one
> that comes to mind), but that doesn't mean you can learn to do it well.

I think that is a very important distinction.

> We used to have this same sort of debate on the HC usenet group 20+ years
> ago.  Here's what frequently happens, though:  someone new comes to the
> community with an idea.  They try to build it, have some early success
> making spaghetti, and soon it gets to be out of their league, and now we
> have someone's new idea, with the beginning of a project, and a desire to
> pay an export to finish it for them.
> I would rather all those folks who are trying to write an app come here,
> struggle, and either succeed or stumble than have their idea die in HTML5
> soup, or just die because they can't even get started.
> Anyone can write a novel, too, by the way.  That doesn't demean the
> knowledge of folks who are experts using it.

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