"Be This Guy"

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Sun Oct 13 02:11:30 EDT 2013

 > 'dumb everything down to the stage where its just simply insulting'
 > school of thought

Richmond, I've been in lurk mode temporarily but this post drew me out.

 From prognathous to mall-rats, heroin, and Steve Martin, it's classic. 
Beyond dis/agree; either way it's a blast.

Along that line, an ad idea:

"Heartbeat = App."

(No vitals: Maybe; see the FAQ.)

More serious: You're right; everything requires skills, not everyone can 
excel in every area. But LC tech saves time and minimizes hurdles; I 
think this is true for all users, all levels. And getting many types of 
people interested helps. It also allows more people to discover and test 
their talents and abilities than otherwise. We could compare widespread 
literacy, or modern cooking equipment.

This is not a change in direction; RR has always promoted scripting tech 
making coding very easy, and the Kickstarter literally said that anyone 
can code. This ad is about training resources, which implies some time 
and effort spent in learning. In that context, it's a fair comparison 
between the two guys: using LC and having some quick training could mean 
having a mostly working app or a good start rather than getting stuck at 
an early stage. That happens here quite a bit.

Beyond that, standard rules of life apply. Great post! Back to 
mostly-lurking mode until I have some library updates ready for release.

Best wishes,

Curry K.

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