MSG command line use bug in 6.X ?

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Sat Oct 12 15:37:15 EDT 2013

On Oct 12, 2013, at 1:35 AM, Christer Pyyhtiä wrote:

> There is a difference between 5.5..4 and 6.1.1 (have not tested the -rc versions) as follows.
> I have a function in the code, which I call from the MSG box command line, works fine in 5.5.4.
> In 6.1.1 get an error message 'Can't find handler'.  This applies all the functions.
> However, if I add a handler using this function, the handler works ok started from the MSG box command line.
> Has anyone found this problem in 6.X?
> PS.  There is a possibility this is linked to a problem creatingAndroid  .apk from the app.  From 5.5.4 works ok, using Android 2.3 on to 4.2.  In LC 6.X the application shows blank screen, and the size, depending on the different changes in the source, is either 6MB or 13MB, but with LC 5.5.4 the result is always slightly above 13MB.  Looks like the compilation 'stops', not creating the tables dor functions and do use (in the IDE and .apk).


I have noticed this, too. It turns out that you can still call functions directly from the message box, but the form you have to use has changed. Prior to 6.x you would do this:

  put myFunction("foo") 

Now you don't have to (indeed you cannot) embed the function in a put statement:


I only thought to try the 2nd variant because this is how HyperCard's message box used to work. I'm not sure if the new behavior is a bug or a feature. :)



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