Google Map Loads Slow

Dan Friedman dan at
Wed Oct 9 14:37:40 EDT 2013

Maybe someone can help...

I am running this script in an iOS app:

mobileControlCreate "browser","theMapView"
put "" & urlEncode(tMapAddress) into tUrl
put "&output=embed" after tUrl
mobileControlSet "theMapView","rect",myRect
mobileControlSet "theMapView","url",tUrl

It loads just fine - no errors and the pin is in the right place.  The problem is it takes about 20 - 30 seconds to load!  It loads in pieces... first you see a white background, then [10 seconds] the plus/minus icon for resizing, then [10 seconds] the grid background, then [10 seconds] the map starts to appear.  The same url loads quick in the phone's browser.  It's also speedy in the simulator.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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