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You reach the metakey point… Is there, to the end, two kinds of Physics, two kinds of Economics, too kinds of Programing, two kinds of mastering creativity and surfing live ? A socialist one to the left, a capitalist one to the right ?… Are not things just more relative to the sailing intentions of the sailors ? ...

Le 6 oct. 2013 à 17:11, Richmond a écrit :

> Now, as far as I understand, Copyleft agreements are things that attempt to do the opposite of what
> Copyright agreements do; put all sorts of constraints in place to stop people grabbing something open source
> and peddling it as theirs and copyright.
> That's all jolly well and good.
> BUT . . .
> Come the criminal mastermind who doesn't "give a monkey's" for either Copyright or Copyleft agreements
> who hires a rogue programmer to either:
> 1. Buy a copy of the commercial version of Livecode and use it to password protect the stacks of someone's
> Open Source work . . .
> 2. Hack some Open Source stacks in such a way that they become inaccessible to those who want to read the code . . .
> And then slam a socking great "Made by Criminal Mastermind Industries" image across the front and start
> minting the moolah on the basis of his/her stolen software.
> SO . . .
> If this in NOT in place . . .
> Would it not be a good idea to roll code into the Community edition specifically to prevent scenarios like
> the above?
> Richmond.

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