iOS snapshot - ftp to server

Jim sims sims at
Sun Oct 6 11:58:41 EDT 2013

I thought i had it but noooo   ;-P

Using iOS - my goal is to take a photo from album and FTP it to a server
(that part works)

Then I set the filename of a smaller locked image to that photo,
effectively reducing the size.

Then I try to take a snapshot of that smaller image and FTP it to that

A file gets sent to the server but it is empty.

Any ideas on what I can do?


--- here is the code ---

 *put* "photoAlbum"&tName  into tName

   *put* last image into URL ("ftp://hagaruser:hagar@"&tName)

   *wait* 1 sec

   *delete* last image

   *put* the u_ServerURL of this stack into imageFolder

   *put* imageFolder& tName into tURL

I get a photo from Album and FTP it to a server then:

  *set* the filename of image "ZZ" to tURL

      *put* the rect  of image "ZZ" into tRect

         *export* snapshot from rectangle tRect to pictVariable as JPEG

      *--export snapshot from image  "ZZ" to file "new.jpg" as JPEG*

   *put* "a"&tName into tName

      *put* last image into URL ("ftp://user:PW@XXXX/XXX/XXX/"&tName)

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