Strange standard button issues

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Oct 5 23:28:50 EDT 2013

On 10/5/13 10:01 PM, Kay C Lan wrote:

> I also checked 6.0 and 6.0.2 and it's the same. I'm also not sure that it
> makes sense, but then again I've never used these effects so I don't know
> their logic. Why are they check boxes and not radio buttons.

Because you can select any or all of them. They are not exclusive options.

> If I want a
> DropShadow and an InnerGlow the current set up seems to suggest that I have
> to have all the same settings, same colour, same opacity, same size etc.
> Surely they should be independent

They are independent.

> Or is the current set-up saying that DropShadow is the only one that you
> can manipulate and that Mr Apple has determined the exact look and feel of
> all the other options?

No, they work as you'd expect. However, there's a little glitch in the 
display. It is possible to have an effect name hilighted without having 
its checkbox ticked. If that happens, all the settings are dimmed. If 
you then actually tick the checkbox, they all enable.

You can see that if you click on the name of an effect (i.e., inner 
glow) which automatically hilites the checkbox. Then uncheck the 
checkbox. The effect name remains hilited but its settings dim.

That's why I suggested that Peter re-tick the checkbox.

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