Updating iOS apps

Andrew Kluthe andrew at ctech.me
Tue Oct 1 17:23:21 EDT 2013

Hey Ya'll,

We are trying to decide what platform to focus our in-house mobile
development on.

I have some questions about non-App Store apps and livecode.

Depending on what time of year it is, I might be making tweaks and
releasing updates for our programs daily or weekly. Waiting for app store
approval or even making our programs available on the app store just isn't
something we are interested in dealing with.

How is ad-hoc deployment handled on iOS with livecode? I recall something
on the list from some time ago about being able to deploy test code to
devices via dropbox.

Basically, I need to be able to setup a way that my apps can get frequent
updates with hotfixes and new features at a moments notice. Is this
impossible on iOS or is it just frowned upon by the app store but possible

Any insight you fine people might have, I would be quite interested in


Andrew Kluthe
andrew at ctech.me

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