link to 6.0.1 build 1513

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu May 9 17:41:22 EDT 2013

John Dixon wrote:

 > I should have been a little clearer... I meant the community
 > edition... There was a green banner in the top left when I
 > logged into my products and I downloaded the community edition
 > 6.0.1 build 1513 from there the other day... the green banner
 > has gone and the link (in orange) now only offer to download 6.0.0...
 > I just wondered where they had put it now... they seem to have a
 > habit of letting us play 'hide & seek'...:-(

Apparently an account is only needed when you decide you want to license 
the Commercial Edition.

Perhaps RunRev recently improved the site, as the Community Edition is 
currently very easy to find:

1. go to <>

2. Click the big link in the middle of the home page labeled "Learn 
More", which takes you to 

3. Click the big link in the middle of that page labeled "Download 
LiveCode Now".

That will start the download, with an optional registration form for 
those who wish to receive the newsletter and other mailings from RunRev:

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