Catastrophic Hard Drive Failure, Economic Hardships and Dual Survival

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Fri Jan 25 02:50:11 EST 2013

Howdy Thomas,

Sorry about the bad news combo. I bet things will bounce back quickly.

The good news is that you had 3 back ups, awesome! (Always have local 
and offsite, automatic and manual, more than one BU system.)

And if we get an EMP hit or solar storm and lose grid power, sounds like 
you'll be ahead of the crowd! That kind of survival is important too. 
(One obstacle for primitive survival is that I'm very sensitive to 
smoke, any ideas?) About the economy, one thing we can try to do is 
promote policies that work, and discourage failed methods. This is a 
time when some people in power are promoting ideological rather than 
practical solutions. (I have drinking water bottles that refuse to stand 
upright on a flat surface. That's insane.)

That grinding sound is the same as my last computer. If you can get a 
cheap laptop and load it with LiveCode, and if one of your backups is a 
thumb drive, it could serve both on the go and in case your main 
computer dives. (Any real computer, either OS, even slightly older, can 
get you working again in LC.) Plus you can keep the laptop in a 
protected bag in case of that solar storm! ;)

It really can feel overwhelming. Last year I suddenly became sensitive 
to my home for a few months and couldn't stay there sometimes (which was 
shocking because I also have trouble getting around) so I had to buy a 
laptop, and it was right at the worst time when there were no sales, and 
loaded with an OS version on its way out, and with funds originally set 
aside for Apple's always-need-new-mobile-hardware "protection money"! :D

Before that I had a phone and internet intermittent outage that turned 
out to be due to city electric company limb cutters, and was prolonged 
3x or 4x due to a lazy phone company repairman that didn't check things 
out. At that time I didn't have a backup internet option handy, and 
didn't realize just how vulnerable I was in that area. Finally they sent 
repairman #2 after a week or more, and he had everything back up in 
about 15 minutes. It made me appreciate those who have posted here on 
the lists in the past about their tech setups to deal with frequent 
service outages in their areas.

And then there are RunRev's big plans for the alien invasion. (Richard, 
you should have kept that one secret, now everyone will figure out the 
subliminal billboard messages too.) There's always something big going 
on! It's difficult to cope when they all come at once. Hang in there and 
enjoy the videos... and remember you can use any cheap or borrowed 
computer, however lowly or outdated, that can run LC, and you'll be 
coding again!

Best wishes,

Curry K.

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