[OT] How to apply for jobs

Robert Sneidar slylabs13 at me.com
Sat Jan 19 21:04:09 EST 2013

Sorry, I feel the need to vent, and maybe someone here has some advice they can give me when applying for jobs. First, I go to these job descriptions and see that they want someone with a bachelors in science, 5+ years experience, plus 3 or 4 advanced certifications, with experience in database development, html programming, C, C++, various scripting languages, Active Directory Management, Linux, Unix, Vsphere SAN, virtualization technologies like HyperV and VMWare, etc. etc. etc. And the lofty position I am applying for? Server maintenance! Really?? Server maintenance???

And then I see a line like this:

Experience working with assembly languages such as HTML programming, MySQL, C, C , etc

"erm... pardon me... HTML, mySQL and C are not, you know of course, assembly language... and assembly language is, of course, you know... not plural." is what I want to email them and say. So now I am thinking that they give some nobody the task of typing up the job requirements, so he throws the entire IT gamut at his word processor (having googled some IT catch phrases first), and calls it a job well done. Meanwhile, poor me is looking at all this and wondering if I should even apply, knowing that to have all that under my belt would qualify me for the CTO position at Microsoft, IBM or Apple for crying out loud!!!

Should I ignore such requirements and apply everywhere I can, or just skip such jobs because whoever is in charge there clearly does not know what he is doing? 


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