Voice commands on iOS - possible crowd-funding

Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
Fri Jan 11 05:07:34 EST 2013

Hi all

I am interested in getting voice commands available to LiveCode iOS developers. Monte Goulding has pointed out that OpenEars is a promising SDK - see


However to use it we need someone (I'm assuming Monte) to write the necessary 'glue' code to make the kit available via an external to LC programmers, with a useable API. This is likely to be a fairly challenging task, costing perhaps more than an individual developer would like to pay, especially if one's need for voice recognition features is based on speculative app ideas (i.e. no guarantee of sales at this point)- that's my own situation.

The answer to this is the crowd-funding approach which has already been used successfully in similar circumstances. People could express interest and negotiate with Monte as a group so that eventually the funding could be obtained without excessive pain on any individual's part.

Personally I would find this approach a good one, technically as well as financially. Frankly I don't want to own the code of this external, I just want to pay to use it as with Monte's mergExt. I don't see how owning it would do anything other than bring me unwanted responsibility for maintenance that I wouldn't be qualified to do.

So, can I ask for initial expressions of interest via this list? My guess is that we would need a minimum of five interested developers to go any further. If we get that far, I hope Monte will take over the process of getting the show on the road.



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