Animation Nightmares

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Sat Dec 21 15:10:44 EST 2013

On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 4:29 PM, Scott Rossi <scott at> wrote:

> For groups, I believe you're looking for the backgroundBehavior property,
> which I think should get set automatically if you place a group on more
> than one card.

<pedantic>The backgroundBehavior does get set to true when you place  a
group onto more than one card, but it has other ramifications, and isn't
actually necessary. For example, this will work:

1. create a new stack
2. place a button onto cd 1
3. group that button
4. create a new card

in the message box:

5. place group 1 of cd 1 onto this cd
6. put the backgroundBehavior of group 1 -- true
7. set the backgroundBehavior of group 1 to false
8. put the backgroundBehavior of group 1 -- false

the group is on both cards, the sharedBehavior of the group is true, but
the backgroundBehavior is false

The backgroundBehavior being true has several effects, including:

1. auto-placing the background/group onto new cards
2. being able to refer to it as a "background" and it being listed as a
background of the stack
3. it getting messages the card doesn't intercept
4. openBackground messages and similar
5. there are a few more I think

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