RELEASE LiveCode 6.5.1

Benjamin Beaumont ben at
Fri Dec 20 09:43:47 EST 2013

Dear List Members,

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 6.5.1. This is a stable
release and recommended for all LiveCode users.

*Release Contents*
Control the screen pixel scaling.
26 bug fixes:
*- 11564 - Italic text on Windows clips for certain fonts*
- 11609 - Getting the rect of Android native controls returns empty rect
- 11606 - Text wrapping and metrics issues.
- 11604 - Image rotate, move, rotate resets image location to that of first
- 11592 - Import / export snapshot not working on Windows & Linux
- 11590 - Fullscreen stacks on multiple monitors always appear on the same
- 11586 - Android native controls are positioned incorrectly for certain
fullscreen modes
- 11572 - Certain iOS fonts clip vertically
- 11571 - iPhoneUseDeviceResolution does not update the current pixelScale
- 11568 - Bitmap effect colors are incorrect on iOS and Android
- 11567 - Scaled OS themed parts render aren\'t filtered
- 11563 - Drag-n-drop hotspot is in wrong location on OS X stack with
- 11560 - Fix graphical anomalies in outer glow effect
- 11559 - Crash of standalone -ui mode and server engine on some Linux
- 11558 - Artefacts when drawing Windows checkmarks
- 11553 - Fill overlaps borders for arcs
- 11551 - Stacks with many referenced images can take a long time to save.
- 11549 - Text fails to render if a single native encoded character is
followed by a unicode character in a field in certain cases.
- 11547 - Setting the textColor of a line in a field doesn\'t work
- 11535 - Monospaced fonts do not have consistent character width.
- 11528 - Gradient colors incorrect on Android
- 11527 - Unicode text on Android clipped
- 11513 - If a stack has font attributes set, then ideal text layout is not
used in fullscreen mode.
- 11507 - Prevent crash in revBrowser on OSX when there is no data source
- 11505 - Multiply blend mode does not work correctly for graphic effects
- 11447 - \'put the MCSSendString of\' crashes

*pixelScale Property*
We have added a new ‘pixelScale’ property (global) that allows you to
control the density at which your stack is rendered. This property
deprecates iphoneUseDeviceResolution.

By default, LiveCode will automatically set the density of your stack to
the density of the device it is running on. For example:
- iPad (1.0)
- iPad retina (2.0)

In the example above, the height of the stack (in portrait) will report
back at 1024 on both devices, even though the iPad retina has 2048 physical
pixels. To access all the devices pixels in previous version of LiveCode
you set the “iphoneUseDeviceResolution” property to true. However, with the
changes made in 6.5 Android developers needed a similar feature to iOS.

So, to turn off automatic scaling on a high-density display you can set the
pixelScale to ‘1.0’.

*Getting this release*
To upgrade to this release please select "check for updates" from the help
menu in LiveCode or download the installers directly at:

Warm regards,

The LiveCode Team

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