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Fri Dec 20 07:07:51 EST 2013

Hi Francis

What one finds in discussions like this is that different people have very different styles of programming, and of course different aims in the projects they get involved in, so one person's "it was easy" doesn't necessarily work for someone else. I must say when I started out with the idea of using MP3s, I thought I could just do a simple 'play' without creating my own player, and the whole job would be done in 5 minutes, as you say. That turned out to be a no-no (I really didn't want to know about players in this case since they have a rich functionality which is wasted on me), and then I stumbled across all sorts of gotchas that I never would have imagined. I hardly ever use backgrounds for example, so that exposed me to the "card switching" issue; I wanted to let the whole sound continue before any further script execution (which I guess you don't), so that got me into the "wait until the playing has stopped" issue. Etcetera. Frankly without a lot of help from the generous folk on this list, and some from RunRev itself, I would have remained thoroughly stuck.

Anyway I'd love to see your code. If it's long, maybe you should email it to me off list, but if not, please just include it in your reply.


On 20 Dec 2013, at 12:17, Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:

> Hi from Beautiful Brittany,
> I was surprised when I read (2)  of Grahams "stuff", because
> I noticed that my player continues when I move to another card,
> so I investigated. My tests were limited to the IDE mode !
> I found that I can go to another card in the stack IF the card
> has the same background, and the player item is part of that
> background. If I go to a card (such as a stack header card)
> with no background, the player stops. I can execute commands
> to go to another card by button, or by entering the command
> manually, as long as the indicated card has the same background.
> Does this sound logical ? Can't say, but that's what I found.
> I don't have my player in a substack, and have been playing MP3
> tracks in many stacks for some years, and have never had any
> problems. I was surprised at the wealth of comments on this
> subject, as I wrote my code in 5 minutes and it worked without
> any hassle.
> I can show my simple code if requested.
> Best Regards
> -Francis
> "Nothing should ever be done for the first time".
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