CLI "evoc exiting on signal 11"

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Dec 18 09:13:38 EST 2013

Mark Wieder wrote:

> Tuesday, December 17, 2013, 9:43:43 PM, you wrote:
>> Oddly enough, I'm seeing this with the LC installer, too.
>> And weirder still, my 6.5-built standalone only fails on my Ubuntu
>> Server system, but the LC Installer also fails with signal 11 on both
>> Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Desktop.
> Running as root?

No, but IIRC the installer only needs root when installing for all users.

> Possible permissions problem?

Exec is set, not sure what else would be needed.  And the error is an 
exit code, rather than the refusal to even try to launch that I get 
without exec permissions.

> Installing for all users or just for the current user?

Not even just me - with both apps I'm just running:

<appname> -ui hopes of getting far enough for the app itself to complain that 
it's missing args.

I wonder if this has to do with the new dependencies in the Linux 
engine.  They were supposed to be optional, only needed if you need 
graphics features, or at least that's my understanding from Mr. 
Waddingham.  But the timing of the change, happening during 6.1->6.5, 
seems suspiciously relevant.

But even with that I'm mystified, since it also fails on my laptop with 
the full Ubuntu GUI installed.

The CLI installation info is a bit sparse - do you have an example handy 
for a proper Installer command line?  I can't imagine how missing args 
could result in a signal 11 error, but I'm willing to try anything.

Thanks for your help on this.

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