Simultaneous keys on mobil

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Sun Dec 15 15:08:52 EST 2013

On 12/15/13 10:16 AM, Bill Vlahos wrote:
> I have a iOS game where I have 3 buttons. The user can press any one
> of them by itself, two of them together, or all three together to
> register the correct answer. I how do I tell simultaneous button
> presses from multiple buttons?

Maybe one of these will get your started:




Basically each touch event provides a unique ID, which you can use to 
calculate whatever you need. The examples mostly deal with moving 
objects, but in this case you could just store the IDs and see how many 
you get.

You might need to also store the milliseconds or something similar to 
make sure the events are close enough together to count as a single 
"touch" by the user.

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